26 – 5 – 2017

We still have no updates for drone Salex but we do have some good news about the flight time we have achieved without the outside casing. We have now achieved an incredible 24 minutes flight time with a battery manufacturer change. This is without attachments but still a great achievement from the last 18 minutes flight time. This new battery time makes Salex one of the longest flight time drone on the planet.

10 – 12 – 2016

We Would like to announce that we will soon be releasing ‘Salex’.
Salex is going to change the market of drone and comfortably compete with other brands such as DJI and Wingsland.
Our new drone will feature a 4K camera, built in obstacle¬†avoidance, 360¬į 4K Video Shooting, Claw Attachment, Music Speaker Attachment, Laser Tag Attachment and Toy Gun Attachment.
Intelligent follow mode, image stabilization and long battery life will all be apart of Salex.

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10 – 11 – 2016

Website made available to the public